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Put that in your juice box and suck it

Tubby Muffin
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I'm cool
so if you want to be cool with me
and read about me cool life
ask to be friends
I'll say yes

so_grood made my b-e-a-utiful layout

trainspotting is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

some of my favorite quotes are in my journal, you can access it through my memories


animals, aol, basset hounds, beastie boys, beer, bewitched, bingo, birkenstocks, biscuits, blink 182, boob sex, books, boys, burly mountain men, candles, cardio vascular surgery, cars, catholics, charlie sheen, cheese, chocolate, chorus, christmas trees, church, classic television, clay mexicans, converses, cookies, crayons, desi, desi arnaz, dinosaurs, disney movies, doggies, dogs, dora the explore, dr. phil, drama, driving, duct tape, dvds, eddie vetter, ellen degeneres, eric clapton, f7, fast food condiments, foil, friends, fruit snacks, george w. bush, god, gum, helmets, honda civics, houses, i love lucy, i love the 80's, i love the 90's, igloos, integras, jesus, jimmy buffett, judy garland, juice, katharine hepburn, kisses, lemons, linkin park, love, lt, lucille, lucille ball, lysol, mail, mandy my candy, mary tyler moore, metallica, mexican food, minorah, modest mouse, monkeys, moshing, movies, mr. clean, mtv, muffins, music, musicals, napkins, nephews, nirvana, numbers 1-2, ozzy osbourne, paint, paper towels, peanut-butter and jelly, pearl jam, pearl jam alive, pearl jam jeremy, peircings, penis, piercings, pink glasses, queen, red hot chili peppers, redheads, rocky horror picture show, rolls, rubberband sex, rubberbands, safety pins, sex pistols, shopping, sid vicious, simple plan, skateboarding, sleeping, socks, starbucks, sticks-stones-broken-bones, strawberries, sweet tea, tables, tacos, tattoos, the beatles, the killers, the lucy show, the pope, the sims (pfft), thrift stores, tours, toys, trainspotting, triangles, tweezers, vanilla sprite, vh1, vivian vance, wbhs, wheatus, william frawley, yamikah, zoos